Wordpress Integration Guide

Journalist AI connects with your Wordpress website using the Rest API. There might be some misconfigurations that stop our platform from accessing your website.


We currently do not integrate with websites created in the official Wordpress website. If you're setting up a new blog from scratch, we recommend you use EasyWP for hosting your Wordpress website.


Any plugin that interferes with the REST API of Wordpress can pose a conflict to the integration. If you're getting unusual errors, we recommend turning off security plugins temporarily one by one, just to find the culprit.

  • LiteSpeed Cache - This plugin might pose a block to the Rest API. Remove any restrictions you might have to /wp-json endpoints.
  • WordFence - This plugin has a setting to disable Application Passwords. If you're using them, you should make sure the setting is not on.
  • Really Simple SSL - This plugin restricts the access to /wp/v2/users so you might get an error in fetching the authors. You need to either disable it or turn off the option Settings > Hardening > Basic > Disable user enumeration.

Invalid Password

First, you should check that the username you're using is the one from your Wordpress Login and not the Application Password's name. If you go to Profile > Users, you should see your username there.

For setting up the Wordpress Integration, we require that you generate an Application Password. However, some hosting providers may have this feature misconfigured or broken. If that's the case, you should type your regular password (i.e. the one you use for logging into Wordpress). You should put this password in Journalist AI, as if it was your Application Password.

Basic Auth

In case you're still having trouble with the authentication part, you should install a plugin called WP BASIC Auth. This will ensure we can use your username/password for authentication.

Cloudflare Protection

If your domain is using Cloudflare, it may happen that the Bot security feature is blocking the integration. If that's the case, you should disable it in the Cloudflare's dashboard. If you have the option, you should white-label the Journalist AI server's IPs.

IP blocked

Our servers always use the following IPs. If you're facing issues, make sure they're white listed in your hosting provider, or in Cloudflare.

If the issue you're facing hasn't been solved after you followed the above recommendations, you should reach out to support@tryjournalist.com.