Internal Linking & CTA Issues

Usually if internal links are not showing up on your articles, or CTAs, it usually is because of these issues:

CTA not showing

At the moment, our engine looks at the HTML code of your website to gain further context. If your website needs javascript to load, then we'll be limited on the amount of information we can gather, and might not be able to insert the CTA properly in the article.

Wrong Sitemap Configuration

The platform will pick the links specified by your sitemap configurations. Make sure the exclude and include pattern make sense. If you click on the button Test & Preview Links, you'll get an overview of the pool of links that will be considered for internal linking. If that pool is too small, Journalist AI might struggle to fit them into the generated article.

Cloudflare Bot Protection

Cloudflare is great, but it does have a Bot Protection feature which might block our crawler from getting access to your website. Tryturning off Bot Protection to see if it's Cloudflare's fault.